Timeshares Work: How’s Their Value Compared to a Travel Club?


The beautiful wife of mine, Nancy, and I really love to travel… a lot!!

We have taken more than seventy vacations & trips together in only more than eight years as a few, meaning we have received a little experience getting tourists and in holiday mode.

,..not really sure why don’t you?

Perhaps it was the notion of wasting a number of hours of our vacation becoming pitched to invest a lot of cash, perhaps it was the notion of it being a lot of money or even we did not wish to retain traveling to one particular property all of the time, etc.

Whatever it had been, we just simply do not went to a presentation… was not well worth a free dinner or maybe tickets to us.

,..and we have been chatting it up with several of these individuals attempting to discover the reason they purchased, whether they liked it/disliked it, etcetera.

So with that stated, in Las Vegas a few of months before, we had taken the plunge and then went to a business presentation.

What was the experience of ours like?


To be honest, we are still confused from the entire thing.

At this point do not get me wrong, in case you are an owner yourself we are not tapping you for buying… if we did not know of a much better option we might have considered.

Obviously, like a lot of purchases, we realize a lot of people purchase on emotions, not logic…


For a lot of people, which would not be a logical idea.

But logically, we could not figure the entire timeshare thing out.

They had been going on about purchasing points and the number of points you need is dependent on issues like the number of weeks you need, period of season you go, resort you keep at, space sort, your on, on, and “status”.

,..it was really a bit insulting as we felt we had been likely to create an immediate decision without having done any due diligence on a “points” process which felt as you required a degree to comprehend with all of the variables, upgrades, add ons, exchange options, and more.

,..very strange business practices!?

When we originally joined a worldwide Travel Club earlier this season, it was not till three weeks after we first discovered it we joined.

And in case you would like more weeks you’ve to purchase more points. (Which might double or even triple or even more the above mentioned #s depending what you would like) And in case you cannot travel because of to illness you will still spend maintenance costs, etc.

It is an enormous commitment!!

Today let us look at the traveling club option.

On average participants spend around 1dolar1 550 for every week they remain at a resort.

So you are able to understand why being a part of a traveling Club, monetarily speaking, makes good sense!

And allow me to share a couple of things to consider:

2. You will don’t have any maintenance costs, ever! In case you cannot travel in any given season or even even again, no huge deal, you will never spend another dime… no agreement locking in recurring costs.

3. As stated, your up front expense is going to be around 1dolar1 5000, that is it!

4. All the above mentioned timeshare #s are derived from a studio or maybe one bedroom which is actually everything you will need if you are a couple… if you’ve a larger family though and need two rooms or maybe heaven forbid three or perhaps four you will will need a ton more points… the costs of yours will sky rocket.

I might go on with much more pros/cons though I am quite sure about any person could take a look at the above and very easily determine which one logically makes much more sense and can certainly at the exact same time get emotionally happy with the monetary cost savings.

As I stated at the start, this post is not about knocking owners.. or timeshares. Nancy & I like all industries which promote travel as we think it is very important and we know a lot of you like the “ownership” factor of timeshares and that is cool.


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