Top 10 Tattoo Tips For Winning Tattoo Design Contests

The amount of marketplaces for tattoo models is actually increasing significantly. Perhaps this’s due to the increased demand for tattoo models originating from the improvement in dress styles and trends. A client that wishes a distinctive customized tattoo design initiates the competition. The client can also be the one who is going to pick the winner based on the specifications and details suggested in the contest guidelines. The prize money could be rather minimal but these competitions are crucial for both the designer and the customer. This’s the reason why a lot of artists are urged to take part in these.

One; don’t wait to talk to the client. There are several details which can’t be incorporated straightaway in the competition criteria on publishing it. Hence, there may be several other specifications that the prospect didn’t put on it. This’s also a means to build a great working relationship with the customer.

The next factor is regarding asking for various other recommendations. You are able to accomplish this in 2 (two) main ways. One of the ways is actually asking designers or artists other, while the additional way is actually by asking for the feedback of individuals who are not artists. The benefits of asking for ideas from the latter is actually because of the great placed upon what standard customers think about the design of yours.

Thirdly, you have to comply with all of the specs. Try to stay with what your customer asks one to do. You have to always be on the very same wavelength. You might wish to depart from the program but make sure to ask the client initially.

Fourth, and this’s really important, is actually beating the deadline. This’s a sign of just how serous and disciplined you’re as an artist. Make an effort to post your layout in front of time and not directly on the deadline.

Fifthly, always offer the best design of yours. There are several tattoo designers that are not pleased by the quantity of prize money gave, as well as have the tendency to post a second rate drawing. In many cases, the end result is you will not win doing that.

The sixth item you have to do is actually allot a time to conceptualize. Be sure that the time you’ll take is actually appropriate, and sufficient for you to clear the mind of yours and only think about conceptualization. Nevertheless, guarantee as well you do not take way too long.

One more thing you have to consider is to reading through around the topic. This’s among the best methods to collect thoughts.

Additionally, you need to also study brand new methods and use these to be able to impress the client of yours. This’s since it’s also a means to boost the value of yours as an artist.


The ninth item you have to think about is asking for third person comments and ideas before submitting the design of yours.

These revisions may be from the friends of yours, co artists or maybe the client of yours.


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