Travel Niche: The Reasons Every Travel Writer Needs to Have a Travel Niche


I am frequently asked by travel writers to take a look at the website of theirs and make recommendations. Due to this I have found a great deal of really great traveling blogs.

What is this grave mistake that stops them from becoming authority websites? As excellent as they’re, too written as their content normally is, they lack specialization, or perhaps more just, a traveling niche. They’ve no special that could set them apart from each and every various other traveling blog site out there.


There are several travel writers that do an exceptionally great job with their traveling blogs – they travel regularly and frequently add fresh travel articles to the blog of theirs. Their websites are well organized and very easy to get around, and I like reading the travel articles of theirs. But let us be truthful here – there are actually a huge number of travel writers available, a lot of whom are additionally doing equally as great a job.

So how can you stick out from the crowd? The solution is very simple – pick a travel niche. Look for a certain subject that you’re passionate about (and no, “travel” isn’t precise enough), and concentrate on writing about that subject.

A perfect traveling niche for you should be:

One thing you love, and
One thing you understand a great deal about, and
One thing you’ve firsthand experience with your traveling niche could be a certain planet or maybe a certain style or maybe method of traveling. Examples of several traveling niches for which I have seen sites which are really well done include:

Type – bloggers that write about solo traveling, going with children that are small or maybe spiritual pilgrimages, adventure travel, voluntourism, eco-tourism, girls getaways, or pets ; Method – bloggers that write about backpacking excursions, bicycling or even walking tours, river cruises, and perhaps several of the worlds very best train excursions.
The main reason these sites do really well is they stay focused on a little traveling niche they can dominate by frequently adding focused, valuable, interesting, and new content about niche. When we do that, it is much more likely that individuals that are trying to find info on that subject will discover them.

Besides attracting more website visitors, when you create on a specific travel niche subject, you’ve the chance to be perceived as a specialist in your traveling niche. And being an expert is actually a great idea. Folks like to quote experts, particularly in print. Folks like asking specialists for advice and help. Experts get offered possibilities – repeatedly paying possibilities – that others do not get.

When Publishers would like content on a certain locale, they look first for freelance writers that already understand that specific location well. When a Journalist or Editor must have a quote on a certain topic, they look for an authority on that topic. Experts get asked to sit down on Advisory Boards and Panel, judge tournaments, give speeches or perhaps lectures, add to brand new tasks, and a lot more. Probably The fastest way to be an expert is actually picking a market that you understand perfectly and write about this. Teach others. Share the knowledge of yours.

The main point here is the fact that in case you opt to write about most items journey and just destinations, you may be in a position to be successful and create a living from it, though it’ll surely be difficult since you’ve a great deal of competition in that sector — some great competition, also. But in case you choose a niche, as well as work to turn into the go to person in this niche, good results will be less complicated and opportunities will come faster.

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