Travel Risk Management



Within this report we’re likely to discuss the management as well as containment of problems as it pertains to travellers as well as traveling managers. The goal of this report is sharing with you the collective information on managing crisis and considerably enhance the ability of yours to determine and control a crisis but also enhance your business travel efficiency.

Furthermore, it could be a series of incidents which in concert develop a crisis. Events or perhaps problems that arise, to which you’ve a program and strategy, is just an incident.

Crisis Management/Leadership

The very first thing is actually clarifying what’s the big difference between crisis control and leadership. More to the point, which one is actually the more important?

Crisis management pertains to the reaction to event/s that threaten the business of yours, travellers or maybe travel activity.

While management is actually a percentage of the leadership demand, the actions of yours and involvement lead the results instead of a more passive wait as well as act method with clean crisis management.

Crisis leadership is actually the much less practiced of the 2, but the most substantial in terminology of reduction and results in impact and risk.


For instance, lots of travellers and planners are actually centered on terrorism. The truth is actually, you’ve a very, very little possibility of being exposed or even affected straight by a terrorist action. It does not mean you need to discount it as a threat completely though it should not dominate your processes or plans if not a proportional risk to you and the travellers of yours. Conversely, nearly everybody overlooks motor car accidents. Nevertheless, they occur far more often, might have damaging influence on travellers and are actually probably the least frequent strategy found within business traveling management departments.

Travellers and travel supervisors must be ready, educated and also have supporting plans for just about any event which has the possibility to delay, disrupt or maybe damage the business or the traveller.

Probably the most frequent events include:

Motor vehicle accidents

Transport delays
Poor weather
Illness and sickness
Petty crimes
Hotel fires
Political disputes
Look at language, local authorities, very first responder, standard of healthcare, support and families in the plans of yours and original response.

Airline delays as well as cancelations. They occur on a regular basis though they’re not simply an administrative response. You might have to think about safety, security threats, quarantines, transport, wide spread and government response suspension of services to conquer the problem and maintain security of the travellers of yours.

Airport closures or perhaps disruptions. Failed programs, electrical issues, threats, water, construction etc can easily stop you actually getting to the flight of yours. Think about the effect this has on the plans of yours and the way the traveller of yours will have to quite possibly extend keep, action to alternative airport or even find accommodation.


Have a program and include it to your instant decision making process.

2010 as well as the commencement of 2011 has watched travel of all type impacted by natural catastrophes and weather. Natural forces and weather have and forever will impact travellers. It’s extremely about how unprepared travellers and businesses are actually for volcanic eruptions, floods, typhoons, earthquakes and overall bad weather conditions.

People get sick or perhaps feel unwell all of the time. This’s compounded substantially when travelling. Standard of care, words, access, price, complications, option and countless other area based issues will figure out just how at risk the traveller of yours will be.

Crimes are actually a reality of every city in the planet. Nevertheless, travellers rarely understand the risks and could be preyed upon by criminals and thieves. This may be amplified whether you’ve a senior executive or maybe a team of executives affected.

The primary threat to a person is relatively apparent though the effect that the shortage of accommodation choices are able to produce from the permanent or temporary closure of a hotel is actually a much larger concern. This eliminated a huge number of rooms for internet business travellers and forced several to stop or even substantially alter travel plans only because there have been a lack of appropriate accommodation choices, whether influenced by the events or perhaps not.

Any occasion that alters the political balance of a place or maybe results or region in a huge number of folks out on the roadways comprises a threat to the business travel plans of yours and travellers. They may occur spontaneously or even take some time to build. The primary risks as well as the continuous disruption is able to have a significant influence on your traveller or business.

Once again, plans, preparing and believed to these problems will significantly decrease the effect and improve the business of yours as well.

Today we’ve eliminated probably the most popular misconceptions, let us concentrate on the management as well as containment of a crisis.



Planning requirements to incorporate perspectives and departments multiple to be genuinely helpful. Among the greatest weaknesses I see frequently is that departments keep on to control the danger of traveling through a number of departments with several plans. The input and strategy has to be unified.


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