Try These 3 Cheeseburgers on Your Next Trip to Chicago


I was not a huge fan of cheeseburgers.

I never understood why — until I have earlier and began experimenting with various cheeses.

It was not the cheeseburger I did not love — It was the cheese.

Fortunately I am not alone. Other individuals — particularly leading edge chefs — have exactly the same concept and are actually beginning to experiment with true — as well as “real good” — cheese. Sharp cheddar is an excellent instant stand in for American.

You will really like it.

In the meantime, below are three Chicago chef and restaurants that have read the call of great cheese and are creating tasty use of various types.

Abigails’ Cheeseburger

This’s a great spot to star in case you’re a novice to experimenting with various cheese cheeseburgers because it’s the most love traditional cheeseburger — only numerous times better.

The Cheeseburger is going to run you nine dolars

Nightwood’s Hamburger


It states “hamburger” on the selection, but this’s all cheeseburger.

The beef is actually ground new as well as seasoned with Worcestershire sauce. After becoming a wood grilled the burger is actually topped with the cheese and home-made mustard.

Simply enjoy.

Nightwood is actually at 2119 S.

Let us finish on a high also completely unexpected note.

Unconventional? Yes. Delicious? YES!

Search for it if you go.

Alton loves to consume burgers, really loves Chicago and loves writing about both. In that order.


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