Unusual Painting Techniques

Paint is an affordable way to add personality and color to the walls of yours. A number of methods are able to produce a striking look or maybe a visual illusion.


When you’ll need a finished effect which calls for a variation of styles, ragging might be a highly effective method to test. This procedure is additionally inexpensive; all you’ll have is actually a drop cloth, tray, tape, and roller. Naturally, you’ll also have to have a lint free rag or perhaps cheesecloth. The surface is going to require a regular matte finish as the starting, a second matte color, along with a latex glaze.

After using the starting color to the wall structure, permit it to dry entirely. Prepare the combination for the following layer by blending one gallon of glaze with a single quart of the 2nd matte paint. You are able to try adding as much or perhaps as little as you want. Stand back again to evaluate the whole wall to make sure you applied the glaze evenly.


Use the base layer to the wall, as well as permit it to dry. Choose one free hue, and stuff the idea of one brush. The procedure is going to make a herringbone pattern.

You are going to need the common supplies, in addition to a base color, a free color, extender, glaze, along with a sea foam sponge.

Create the surface area in the exact same way you’d when ragging or even dry brushing. Combine the complimentary tint, the glaze, as well as the extender. Try using a roller to use this particular combination to the wall.


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