Used Cars – Looking to Buy A Used Car? – Tips For Buying

Do not purchase an automobile in the bad weather, the bodywork consistently appears more effective when it is damp, plus, the odds are you are going to forget to check a thing by hurrying to escape the rain.

You are going to be in a position to find out in case it’s had some body injury as the gentle reflecting off the edge of the automobile will show the dents or perhaps replaced panels.

Check out around the window rubbers for more than spray, a sure fire method to find out in case an automobile as been touched up.

This’s a great indication as to whether the automobile have been in a crash and had panels changed.

Have a fridge magnet along with you and examine the bodywork for filler.


Check out the tires for uneven use, in case the tires are actually used more on one side as opposed to the other its a sign that the automobile could have been in the chassis and an accident is actually twisted. It might also be the tracking or even wheel balancing. In either case it is not a great indication.

Drive the automobile, (with the air off check and) for any knocks or perhaps weird noises. Be sure you drive the automobile in all of gears to look at the gearbox.

When the motor is currently hot check the engine oil, in case it’s milky there’s water getting in someplace, which may signify a head gasket. (very Costly). In case the oil is actually brand new beware, very few folks are going to change the oil on an automobile the day before they promote it unless they’re attempting to cover something. Moreover , check the drinking water reservoir for symptoms of oil, not a great indication.

Last of all, examine the paperwork. Be sure the registration document is actually in the sellers title. They could be a trader attempting to present as a private seller. You also might wish to examine the car and chassis selection to find out in case it matches what’s on the registration booklet. You are going to find the info on a little metal plate placed under the bonnet. In case the plate is actually missing be suspicious.


It is also a great idea to get the automobile HPI checked. This will likely tell you in case the automobile has been taken, been in an and crash, or perhaps is actually on finance. It is around £40 but well worth every penny.


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