Vincent Van Gogh – 12 Interesting Facts

1. He was not interested in art for nearly all of the life of his; it was not until he was twenty seven he began painting, although he did many sketches throughout the childhood of his and early 20s.

2. He was not scared to cast himself as the topic of the paintings of his, creating more than thirty self portraits in the area of 4 seasons.

3. The past ten years of his life had been extremely prolific; during this moment, he invented more than 900 paintings, that works out at 1 painting each forty days.

4. There are actually conflicting stories about the popular ear incident; it is generally thought Vincent cut off his personal ear after getting a battle with a friend, although others feel his artist buddy Paul Gauguin, a popular painter in the own right of his, was accountable for cutting it all. A lot of people feel the whole ear of his was cut off; in reality, it was just a little portion of the ear lobe of his.

5. Unlike a good deal of other important and prominent artists, Van Gogh was mainly self taught and had hardly any artistic education before he began producing the works of his.

6. Nevertheless, he did go to an art institution in Antwerp. By this particular time in the life of his, he would produced most of the masterpieces of his.

7. The Red Vineyard is actually the sole painting he purchased in his whole lifetime; it was not until after he died he began to develop popular appreciation as well as his paintings began to promote in numbers that are huge.

9. Throughout the lifetime of his he suffered from different psychological conditions. The culmination of the afflictions occurred in 1890 when Vincent recorded himself; he died 2 days later aged thirty seven. Nevertheless, several folks claim he was actually captured by a nearby teenager.



11. Vincent’s closest buddy was his brother Theo. The 2 are actually buried side by side.

12. It is because of Theo’s wife that we are aware of Vincent’s work now. After Vincent’s demise, she became motivated to produce Vincent’s is effective find the recognition she believed they deserved.


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