Volvo P1800 Parts

The very first sports automobile that Volvo had created was the Volvo P1900. In reality, it was only in the position to promote a skimpy 60 8 units. And it was the very reason behind the Volvo P1800. This vehicle began as a task in the season 1957.


Petterson was an engineering advisor in the business and he had also been accountable for the Volvo PV 444. Obviously, the prototypes had been named differently.


Nevertheless, Volkswagen the business came into the photo and restricted the engineers as well as firms who’d be crafting the Volvo P1800. Nevertheless, as luck would’ve it, the business was in a position to find a very good firm which would’ve the capability to create Volvo’s second sports automobile.


It showed up as a really appealing sports automobile which held very small fins on the back fenders. This vehicle held many elements shared with some other Volvo automobiles like the Volvo 120 sequence sedan.

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