Was The 80’s the Loss of life of the American Petrol Head? – (Part 2)


**The GLHS**

The GLHS was probably the fastest with 175 horsepower as well as 175 lb-­ft. It’d a modified Garrett Turbo I car engine, a long runner tuned consumption (two pieces) manifold, as well as an intercooler.


Instead of continuing to create Shelby inspired Dodges, Carroll started building real Shelbys at the new facility of his in Whittier, California. These vehicles had been made in numbers that are limited. Each unit was a one ­year­ operate and just were provided a numbered dash plaque.

The regular 1­in. front and 5/8­in. back swaybars had been retained, and the factory brakes as well as steering.

With the extra power, it finally had a top velocity of 130 mph. At the moment, it was just eleven grand. Products such as the 1984 Dodge Colt Turbo. Which was not the use of the Colt.

It might have had just hundred three horsepower, though it just weighed 1,896 pounds (or maybe 860 kg). Additionally, it had a top velocity of 112 mph. Not a lot, but like the Miata,.. It does not have to be.

Where did they go? Were they scared off?

Apparently so… ”

It was frivolous, cheap, nimble, light, fun, and fast. This’s a traditional. It is not as much of a traditional as the GNX; but still a traditional in its own right.

This particular automobile is actually a quick little bugger inventory, it is a jammy bugger whenever you alter it. This’s also an extremely light automobile, weighing in at under 2,400 pounds. While we do not see a lot of these, they continue to confirm that Dodge could make a good little automobile,.. A suitable hot hatch, however the GLH was not the sole “GLH” in the sequence.

After this you had the GLH­T. It was essentially a GLH with a turbocharged motor. Though it was a lot more effective, power was today elevated to 146 horsepower (hundred eight kw) as well as 170 lb-­ft. It might achieve a top velocity of 119.


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