Watercolor Paper: 4 Things You May Not Know

1. Weight

You will discover that watercolour paper comes in various weights. Typically speaking, the heavier the newspaper, the heavier it’s. So in case you visit some watercolour paper that is described as being rather heavy, this also means it is very heavy. The mass of watercolour paper is actually calculated in fat per ream (lbs) or maybe grams per square metre (gsm).

2. Colour

You will find a great deal of fundamental watercolour paper sorts are available in variants of light and white, creamy colours. The very best course of action would be to simply go for watercolour papers of any colour of the choice of yours as well as to find out the way the painting goes. In case you are very pleased with the completed product, you understand what colour to work with up coming time; in case not, there are actually loads of other colours for one to try out.

3. Sides

You are able to really paint on each side of watercolour paper. You are going to notice, nonetheless, that there’s a distinction between each of the 2 sides. There is wrong side or no right to use, nevertheless, you should almost certainly make use of the smoother side in case you are doing a painting which has a great deal of information to it; try using the hairier side in case you wish to make use of glazes to build up the colours of yours.

4. Surfaces


There are actually 3 kinds of watercolour papers surface: hot-pressed, cold-pressed, and rough. Rough paper creates a kind of grainy impact and has probably the most consistency of the 3 surface types; it’s not advised for paintings with good detail since it’s indentations, grooves, and ridges. Cold-pressed paper has much less of a textured surface area than difficult papers; making use of this paper type provides paintings a degree of feel, though additionally, it allows for a considerable level of detail.


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