Ways To Spot Car Trouble With Your Nose


Did you realize that the nose of yours can in fact determine specific warning signs of vehicular difficulty? Different smells may imply certain issues with the vehicle of yours, and picking up on these scents early on may spare you money and time on car repairs. Continue reading to discover which automotive fragrances to be on the search for, and what you should do in case you identify any of these odors in the vehicle of yours.

Unusual Car Smells

When you purchase an automobile right off the sector, you are able to count on that tell tale brand new automobile scent. But after sometime, that brand new automobile smell wears off, and what replenishes it will depend on your inside automotive hygiene. Nevertheless, it’s possible to notice odors in the vehicle of yours which are actually completely different from other odors, perfume, smoke, and the food that could typically occupy the interior of yours. With this situation, the presence of abnormal odors may be an indication that a thing is mechanically wrong with the car of yours. Below are the six most popular automotive odors which might signal an automotive problem.

Look out for These Automotive Odors:

Gasoline – In case you notice gas, it can mean that your car has a gas problem somewhere in the gasoline injection line or maybe fuel tank. Because fuel is very flammable, it’s essential you take quick action. Have a licensed mechanic find the root cause of the scent and make the required repairs to get your car returned to a safe driving problem.


Burnt Rubber – The odor of burnt rubber might indicate which your engine has slipping loose hoses or drive belts which are rubbing against the revolving accessory drive pulleys.

This’s a major safety hazard which should always be dealt with by a qualified mechanic immediately upon discovery.

oil that is Hot – Oil that is Hot smells might suggest which your automobile has an oil leak that’s creating oil to enter the exhaust system.


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