What Colors Mean in Other Cultures

Colour symbolism refers to the usage of colors to represent situations and ideas in the society. Surprisingly, the philosophical meanings of colors also share striking commonalities or resemblances among the different countries in the planet. When they’re employed shrewdly, it is going to aid in promoting understanding between cultural affiliations and various people. It’s a wonderful source of enlightenment to abreast yourself with the effective communications learned from the symbolic use of colors.

Black color may also represent thoughts such as mourning, anger, remorse, sadness, style, depth, unhappiness, evil, fear, mystery, wealth, formality, sophistication, sexuality, and power . It is able to also suggest mourning or sorrow, in the Christian tradition of putting on black to funerals. Black color is actually the colour of solemnity and mystery; the colour of the evening. Used by itself, black can easily represent bad luck or perhaps misfortune.


Black/White: They position for mourning as well as cheerless events. For instance, traditional costume for a funeral is white and black.

Additionally, it’s the colour of water and also the sea, with all of the symbolic references already talked about for that element – that’s, blue generally indicates femininity, etc., purity, life, just as clean water does. Blue also can symbolize depression, technology, cold, water, sky, loyalty, security, stability, calm, and peace . Indigo bluish mirrors the colour of the great ocean that involve the Japanese islands. This particular shade of blue is quite generally observed in Japanese art and clothes.

Brown: It belongs to the strategies of comfort, simplicity, endurance, the outdoors, home, hearth, and earth .

Gold: It’s also linked with royalty. It belongs to the colour of the heavens.

It’s viewed as the colour of life that is eternal, as witnessed in evergreens that never alter the colour of theirs from time of year to season. It represents both vegetation and trees.

Orange: It represents demanding, flamboyant, enthusiasm, warmth, balance, and energy of attention.


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