What Is Back Painted Glass and What are its Uses? |

You are able to paint various kinds of glasses including tempered, laminated, and casted glass.

The best way to paint

You need to begin by blending catalyst and paint. Next cleanse the rear of glass by operating a paper towel soaked with alcoholic beverages over the cup. To begin painting you have to pour the color mixture into the gun. For perfect results you ought to run the color through the strainer while dumping it into the gun.

Next use a coat utilizing the gun.

After 5 minutes you need to add another level of paint. You need to repeat this until you’ve used at least 4 layers. For the color to connect to the cup you need to wait for forty eight hours.

In case there’s overspray you must use a gentle steel wool to get rid of the overspray at the tips. In case there’s a bit of color at the front side of the cup you need to utilize a lacquer thinner to thoroughly clean it.


In case the overspray is simply too thick you really should scrape it utilizing a single advantage razor.

After you’re done you must clear glass color from the color gun. The most effective product to use is actually a lacquer thinner. All that you have to do is actually to spraying the lacquer thinner over the color gun for a minimum of thirty seconds.

Installing back painted glass

You will find lots of ways of investing in the back painted glass. Several of the best methods include:

Channel system: it is used in conjunction with adhesives and tapes. The great thing with this strategy is it is long term. For best results you need to ensure that the glasses are actually fitted by a specialist glazier or maybe glass contractor.

Framing system: you will find 2 primary ways in which you are able to set up the glass using this particular method: wood and aluminium. The great thing with this strategy is the fact that the glass is actually supported on 4 sides producing a good look.


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