What To Prefer Painting Outdoors or In the Studio

The tempera is actually a substance which is actually diluted with h2o, and making use of a brush is actually transferred to the newspaper. It’s a painting that blankets, different with watercolor that’s transparent, or maybe the ink which may be.

The oil is actually a substance which covers also, but provides a unique texture and its use is much more for paintings over canvases.

Furthermore, to the experience of mine with tempera in mostly industrial works, I additionally became practical experience with oil painting.


The organizations carried us to several interesting square, where usually one of the structures was a church or maybe the municipality local. The substance that we utilized was oil painting on a strict cardboard base. A number of participants old shoe polish as a paint.

Not many years ago I started to be a lot more keen on watercolor painting.

I chose to do several watercolors open air and for that I were for scenery outside the community. Scenery with areas, trees, blue sky and rivers. The perfect time to paint outdoors is actually doing it before or perhaps after noon, since in these kinds of hours the shadows are a lot better appreciated.


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