Whole Food Supplements: Are Whole-Food Supplements The Right Choice?


The standard American Diet (SAD) is actually inadequate in many important food components. While a number of commercially obtainable vitamin and mineral supplements are present, they’re constructed in an artificial manner that reduces bioavailability and also promotes chemical contamination.

The Trouble with the conventional American Diet

In the very first part of the 1900’s many Americans consumed a healthy, complete food diet since they’d no choice. All food was developed often by the family or even received from right away local sources. During the final century, a great migration to urban areas has taken place. It has meant that even if a person has the motivation, most folks no longer have the capability to create self grown food. Either because there’s no land or perhaps because many people don’t understand how, very few individuals have a garden as well as fewer create proteins in the kind of dairy products as well as animal husbandry.


This wasn’t to make certain Americans had an excellent diet but in fact to make certain that American families can feed themselves at many, while enabling the majority of business food production to be delivered to the soldiers overseas. Which was the previous period in history which America got the majority of the nutrition of theirs from locally grown foods.

After the conclusion of World War II, most families started to be two income families. Additionally, several more single parents are raising kids by themselves. Which means that in many homes, every one of the adults that are in any one home are actually likely used outside of the house full time leaving very little time for food preparation by itself a lot less a moment for food production.

Prepackaged and very easy to make food items are really that, foods “products”. Though they might have carbohydrates, proteins, fat and even some “essential” nutrients, they’re not real food. The whole food supply chain is actually rife with toxic contamination and many Americans and chemical processing are actually ignorant of exactly how little vitamin value the food that they eat every day has.

While these RDA amounts of vitamin and mineral ingestion might be an absolute bottom line important to stay away from obvious diseases of deficiency like rickets or scurvy, they’re barely sufficient and don’t reflect though a tiny part of the nutrients found in food that is whole, essential for promotion of prevention and health of illness.

A Crisis in America: Other Diseases and Obesity in the Face of Malnutrition

It has resulted in an epidemic of heart disorders, diabetes along with other weight associated issues happening in record numbers not just in adults but observed in kids as young as eighteen weeks of age. Additional diseases which could be connected to an absence of appropriate nutrients apart from simple vitamins in American diets might have a large variety of problems ranging from immune conditions implicated in problems like Rheumatoid Arthritis, Cancer and Lupus to neurological and psychiatric conditions like ADHD, Depression and Autism.

Many people think that being overweight occurs mainly because folks consume way too much. While that’s the case in part, obesity additionally results from constantly consuming the incorrect food types.

As our diet has transformed from an agrarian society ‘s nutrient rich food source to the urbanized very processed, man-made foods, the total food consumption of ours has risen. This’s in part because, although the body becomes extra energy from more food, it’s still starved of nutrition leading to one to consume much more. Additionally, in our sedentary lifestyle the bodies of ours actually require less meal than when we were living as well as worked every day on the farm, however, we still consume much more due to lack of appropriate nutrition, abundance of readily obtained prepared food along with other mental circumstances including stress eating. In the long run, America has turned into a nation of individuals who are actually obese however malnourished and condition ridden.

In today’s society this’s no more possible. Even when fresh veggies and fruits are actually taken in as a big portion of the diet plan, our nation’s food resources is actually polluted by the usage of pesticides, hormones and herbicides and a lot of the nutrient value is actually lost by commuter routes of the food crop from a large number of miles away. Food is actually harvested before it’s really ripe, irradiated, stored wintry and moved across states, nations as well as oceans before it comes in the grocery stores of ours as tasteless, substandard, nutrient very poor produce.

Lots of individuals are actually trying to eat just natural, locally grown produce for that purpose. Although this could be an improvement over the health quality of the conventional American diet, it’s almost always much more costly and thus unaffordable for unavailable and many for others as many markets don’t concentrate on acquiring such products. And so this hard work, while valiant is still not sufficiently.

The great news about the American health circumstance is it’s rather easy to resolve. Given proper nourishment, the human body has an incredible power to heal itself. Numerous diseases and conditions brought on by malnourishment and overconsumption might be quickly corrected by supplementation with entire food nutritional products.

As Americans can’t depend on the food source to provide proper nourishment as well as can’t count on the resource, purity and quality of most commercially available food supplements, the only solution seems to lie in entire food supplementation.

What’s a complete Food Supplement?

Whole food supplements are identified as food supplements derived totally from food. This’s a more organic and helpful approach to obtaining nutrition from herbal supplements and food alike.

While synthesized supplements might in fact offer basic minerals and vitamins known to be important, artificially prepared items are actually lacking a lot of the alkaloids, antioxidants as well as phytochemicals which are actually believed playing a significant role in total nourishment and disease prevention.

The exact same holds true for herbal supplements and therapies as most commercially available organic products do offer an extract or perhaps synthesized type of the mainly active substance within the herb, they’re currently lacking the synergistic substances believed to provide extra benefits of nutraceutical and herbal treatment.

Just Taking Vitamins is not Enough

Vitamins and minerals are definitely required for daily life but the RDA is usually both limited in its appraisal and unattainable through the typical American diet plan.

While a number of commercially available food supplements can be found at Drug Administration, the Food, through necessity, and every corner (FDA) does very little to manage the manufacturing of food supplements for example vitamins, herbal products and minerals.

In addition Americans have noticed situation after situation of E. Several of these items were actually the so called “organic” items, purported to be less dangerous compared to conventional crops.

Why a complete Food Supplement

The typical vitamin or perhaps health supplement is actually made using synthetic synthesis as well as heat processing which eliminates the health quality of the item within. Additionally, many commercially available items are created with fillers, additives, chemical preservatives along with other questionable chemicals. Whole food supplements aren’t.

Many solutions have found to be contaminated with not just the well-known chemical substances which are actually present in the American food resources but additionally with a lot more deadly unknown chemical substances which should not type in the manufacturing process. The best way to make certain that this doesn’t happen is actually purchasing quality products that are high from a business with a well established track record of maintaining high standards of purity and manufacturing. As whole food supplements are actually products that are natural, it will be great if the producer employed methods of sustainability as well as green policy.

The perfect food supplement manufacturer knows that vitamins don’t really exist in isolation.

This’s rather easy to recognize when evaluating the label of a health supplement, vitamin or perhaps organic product. Though the FDA does not do a sufficient job of checking the food supply or maybe pharmaceutical industry, they’ve established standards of labeling which in turn include proper identification of all ingredients found in a health supplement. Close examination of most typical supplements in comparison with whole food supplements will demonstrate that the majority of products come with artificial vitamins, chemical substances as well as filler treatments while whole food supplements come with minerals and vitamins natural obtained from focused food sources like vegetables and fruits.

Supplements produced from whole food resources will have not just the organic form of minerals and vitamins but additionally all the crucial phytochemicals and phytonutrients essential to restoration of nutritional wellness and avoidance of illness produced from whole food concentrates.

These strategies allow the focus of the whole spectrum of vitamin value without taking out the phytochemicals, alkaloids along with other useful organic materials which ensure enough health help and help to avoid health problems.

When picking out a complete food supplement one must ensure that the item is actually from a manufacturing business known to have a great deal of standing reputation for experience and quality in entire food processing. The items must be constituted totally of whole food products that have been refined working with cool processing without the nutrient reducing influences of severe heat, irradiation and pasteurization. They need to also be free of synthetic filler products and preservative chemical substances. For the American customer, optimally an American item is going to be bought an in an attempt to help the planet, a business with “green” policies must be selected to market sustainability of the food supplies.


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