Why Is The Ferrari 250 Gto So Expensive

They just made thirty nine of them, nearly all of them are crashed – and not one of them is actually for selling, at least not officially. 15 years ago I can pay for one; at this point I’ll most likely certainly not have the ability to afford one once again.

Of course, it is essentially a lump of metallic, but therefore is a bar of yellow. Whoopee; not bad, eh? Let us listen to it for gold.


Go forward, swear, (in a great way of course), swear all that you love, swear away, the friends of mine, swear so all of the neighbours are able to audibly hear you.

This’s not fiction, this’s not hype, this’s not Damien Hirst (whom I in fact very love, by the way). This’s reality, this’s the real deal, this’s the amount of cash it will take to tempt a GTO proprietor to actually think about parting with the car of theirs.

So that was the newest customer of this many lusted after of luxury cars? Well, be well prepared to swear once again, though this time for perhaps various reasons, because – wait for it… you are not going to like it… absolutely no, seriously, you are not… he was… an estate agent! Argh!It gets even worse – the fellow sold up the business of his not as long ago for 9 figures; it appears he knew what was coming.


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