Why Use Oak For Your Staircase?


In case you’re considering updating the real wood stairs of yours by changing the banisters, it is really worth investing time considering which timber to use. All things considered, stairs are actually a prominent architectural function which could make a huge impact to the complete look as well as feel of the hallway of yours.

Oak staircases, particularly, are starting to be ever more popular with home owners searching for a premium, sturdy solution which will not very easily go out of style.

Oak sources

Clearly connected with luxury and quality, oak is developed primarily in North America and Europe. The trees are meticulously nurtured in big forests and could use up to 120 years to mature, with just the best and biggest specimens considered ideal for the building of high end items like furniture, flooring, staircases and doors. The quantity of time as well as energy spent on cultivation guarantees that oak will invariably continue to be a premium choice.

White-colored oak versus red oak

You will find 2 primary groups of oak wood: white and red. Both kinds are incredibly difficult & durable, but white oak is frequently regarded as probably the most appealing since it matures a lot more gradually. This creates a straighter, denser grain, making the timber nearly water tight & very reluctant to rot. Because of this white oak is a sought after substance for using in outdoor and boat-building structures.

Red-colored oak, becoming faster growing and much more abundant, is a bit of cheaper to create as well as features a far more open grain that is susceptible to wavy lines and swirls. It must simply be utilized for indoor products including cabinets as well as furniture.

Lots of home owners pick white oak instead of white not just for the good looks of its, but also since it’s fewer variants in colour & grain pattern. It is then much easier to match brand new staircase components with present white-colored oak fittings for example doors, floors and skirting boards to enhance the majority of the decor.

American white oak is especially common, with a lighter colouring as well as lower production costs as opposed to the European equivalent. Shades range from pale yellow brown to a light tan colour. The straight, knot free grain is perfect for producing hard-wearing and attractive stair components for example balusters, base rails, newels, and handrails. Additionally, it accepts wood treatments really immediately, so can be stained, varnished, waxed or perhaps painted.

Suggestions on suiting oak stair parts


First of all, white oak is actually acidic, therefore is likely to corrode some metals that have iron. To stay away from the resulting bluish discolouration you must just use non ferrous fixings for instance zinc-coated or stainless (galvanised brackets as well as screws) when assembling the stair balustrade of yours.

Second, as oak is actually an all natural material it’s apt to reduce in size as well as grow based on the temperature as well as moisture content of the surrounding air. Because of this you need to permanently leave brand new oak stair components to acclimatize within the room just where they’re gon na be equipped (or someplace near by with comparable humidity) for no less than forty eight hours prior to set up.



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