Yandere Simulator: A Stealth Video Game For The PC


Yandere Simulator is actually a totally free video game for PC users. It’s a stealth style video game in which the players play as a high school female named Ayano Aishi. She’s in love with her wants, senpai, and senior to achieve the interest of his by any means possible. It’s actually a distinctive game with an addictive gameplay as well as graphics that are fresh. Nevertheless, it’s still in development stage and unless it gets finished, it is likely to be a bit buggy.


The concept

Yandere Simulator is actually based on a regular Japanese high school theme. Ayano Aishi features an enormous crush on the senpai of her and wants the love of his. Nevertheless, she is a little reluctant to speak to him immediately. And also, to make things more challenging, it looks like her senpai is rather popular as some other females in the school also are attempting to be in close proximity to him. Ayano has to get rid of the contest of her, and she is able to make use of everything possible ways to do it. Perhaps blackmailing and killing different females is allowed. Nevertheless, she’s to do these missions quietly, when no one is actually looking at her. As a result, comes the stealth component.

What is in it for the players

Due to its high school drama component, the game is rather well known among the teenagers. Nevertheless, which does not prevent several grown up video gamers from playing the game. The gameplay is great regardless of the reality that the game is very full of bugs. Management choices are excellent, as well as the missions are difficult. To advance in the game players have to duties that are very immoral in the real life. Nevertheless, it’s this particular part which makes the game unique as well as addicting. Players have to finish the things without leaving some traces. Or else, Ayano will get caught as well as the game ends.

The game is very comprehensive and relates a lot to the real life. For instance, there’s a social aspect in the game and we are living in a big group, we do not wish to get caught for the wrongdoings, etcetera.

The game isn’t complete

Once again, Yandere Simulator is also in development stage and what offered will be the beta version. The creator of the game makes the beta version on the web for installation as well as download without investing some penny. Just go to the official site to obtain the game. The download file is in fact the game launcher making use of which you are able to additionally upgrade the game. The game creator typically tends to make the update offered after 2 weeks.

Since the game is even now from testing stage, players encounter very numerous bugs, mistakes. In certain instances, the game launcher does not do the job and at times the game crashes. Additionally, you won’t ever win the game since it’s not complete yet.



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