You Might Be a Genius If You Share This 1 Trait With Leonardo da Vinci

A recent painting, nearing conclusion, brought up a concern for me.

That is real. Though it is not the approach I have designed. I want a means to resolve the issue but remain true to the own art of mine.

Since my art is actually about story, I start with the activity of the situation I created for that painting.

During the 1890s’ Shearers’ War’ arson posed probably the worst risk to landholders in the West.
Maybe they could smell risk in the air?

There is the solution of mine!

I blend an area of Titanium White into a container filled with medium. With a broad sable comb, I sweep the translucent combination over a department of trees, then step back again to look at the result. The riders these days take centre stage.


With a dry comb, I clean a level of the new laid glaze.
That is it!

It is time to down equipment. A solution is going to come to you, as it’s for artists throughout time.


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