Zip Ahead With the Latest TVR Tuscan V6 Sports Car

Unfortunately, the V6 did not promote in the statistics that it deserved, though it returned a really favourable energy usage of twenty eight mpg.


Production finished in early 1971 with just hundred one devices being built, of probably which most were offered in the Uk.

Of the 2 Tuscan versions, the V6 variant was the much more common, though just a couple of had been exported to the US.

Perhaps that stroll down memory lane may well have answered, or perhaps at minimum shed light on, a probable question:

Which TVR Sporty car will be your Favourite?

Nevertheless, should this particular question still are unanswered, I’ll be reviewing, in a bit of detail, in future posts within this site, the whole range of TVR sports automobiles which were showcased in the unforgettable era spanning 1946 to 1967.


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